Little Lost Girl

Once there was a little lost girl, she was lonely, she was sad, she lived her life with lies, she was lost. When she was younger, she hadn’t received much love, she felt left out, she felt as if nobody likes her, this little lost girl lived in loneliness. People called her a loser, a […]

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Too Strong to be Weak

As she open her eyes, the first thing question that popped into her mind was, “why?”. Why does she have to wake up? why does she have to live one more day in this cruel world? Why does this happen to her? Why her? She let out a deep sigh and stared at the ceiling […]

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Don’t you love hearing the rain when it hits the ground? Don’t you love seeing it flow down the glass window? Don’t you love smelling the salty but fresh aroma of the rain? Don’t you love feeling the rain on your skin Every time it’s raining, I always remember tears, sadness, and heartbreaks. But something […]

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His Angel

I have an older brother, he is tall, he has a good taste in fashion, he is also handsome, and a lot of girls has a crush on him. Who wouldn’t? He has a great smile, he’s fun to be with and sporty. He’s a good singer and a great dancer, and his hazel brown […]

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