Back to the Past

My name is Aubrey Reyes, currently a Senior High School student. When I was younger, I never thought I’d reach to the point where I would reminisce and think about my grade school years. I began school in 2003. I mostly attended International Philippine School in Al-Khobar, and our mascot was a Scion. I remember […]

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A Form of Escape

For others, fiction is just a story that is made up. Well for me, it is something deeper than that. Writers do nor just write fiction for nothing, it is not just because they wanted the people to read something from them. They do not write fiction just because it is their profession or passioon. […]

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Railroad to Christ

As a youth for Christ member, I usually go to Riyadh to attend the YFC NatCon or Youth for Christ National Conference. It is one of my most awaited events every year, since I get to know new people on that conference. I remember when we were on the station, waiting for our train, we […]

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Without Light

It was a cold November night; I could feel the cold wind hugging me that night. I remember having my laptop sit in my lap as if it was a baby. I was laying comfortably on my bed like a baby. I was listening to scary conspiracy stories as I was scrolling through my facebook […]

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As the Mirror

It wasn’t my first time staying at my friend’s house for more than 3 days, but it was my first time to enjoy doing chores. I usually do chores because someone, specifically my parents, ask me to do so. But surprisingly, I enjoyed cleaning my friend’s house with her. We first played a lively music, […]

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“I am always here for you.” That’s what she usually tells me. No matter what happens, she makes sure that I feel that she’s beside me supporting my every move. For almost 18 years, she took care of me, made sure that I’m healthy and not hurt. I would rather lose everything in the world […]

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Little Lost Girl

Once there was a little lost girl, she was lonely, she was sad, she lived her life with lies, she was lost. When she was younger, she hadn’t received much love, she felt left out, she felt as if nobody likes her, this little lost girl lived in loneliness. People called her a loser, a […]

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