Back to the Past

My name is Aubrey Reyes, currently a Senior High School student. When I was younger, I never thought I’d reach to the point where I would reminisce and think about my grade school years. I began school in 2003. I mostly attended International Philippine School in Al-Khobar, and our mascot was a Scion. I remember my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Ann. She was my first favorite teacher since she give out candies to us, and she was really funny. I forgot my 2nd grade teacher, but I can never forget my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Ofelia Moong. She was my hatest teacher. I remember how she pinched my classmate’s ears. She also humiliated my friend which caused my friend to have stage fright up to now. My 4th grade teacher was Mrs. Fatima. She’s a Muslim, and she was very kind. My 5th grade teacher was Mr. Barrot. He was strict and it felt like he hated me. We never got along, even today.. Lastly, my 6th grade teacher who I still talk to up to now, is like my big brother. He is really funny and kind. Among all of my past grade school teachers, he was my favorite.
I didn’t know that my school was a public school, only recently when my classmates told me. I loved some of my grade school teachers, but I never really liked school. Infact, I hated it. In the class, I always siit at the back, but they always reposition me in front since I am a very talkative student. I also felt as if everyone around me was smarter than me. It felt as if I was behind all of them. I remember 3 of my best friends back on grade school. My first grade best friend was Charla, we were best friends together with Jovelle, but everything changed when we met other people. But, my very best friend back then was Narlette. She was a nice friend. We got separated because she had to transfer to a new school. It wasn’t where our friendship ended, but like other friendships, we had conflicts too, which broke us.
I have no communication anymore with Charla and Jovelle, but I still sometimes talk to Narlette. In my school before, there is a mini playground with a big tree that I used to climb to. It was one of the things I liked at IPSA, but it was taken down. I wake up at 5 to prepare and eat. The school wasn’t that far, that’s another thing I like. Just like any other schools, our school had bullies. I got bullied on 6th grade, weeks before we had our Graduation. I was a nice kid on my first few years of grade school, and I was scared of the principal’s office, but that changed when I grew up. I started to go in and out of it. Seeing grade school students now, I always think if I was like that, too. No, I was dark-skinned, skinny, and I wear baduy clothes which makes me cringe right now every time I think about it. Other than the school was near from our house and there was a playground, I also like that it was big and It had events that I really enjoy. The facilities were good, too. But if you would ask me if I would go back there, no. I won’t. Never again.


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