Without Light

It was a cold November night; I could feel the cold wind hugging me that night. I remember having my laptop sit in my lap as if it was a baby. I was laying comfortably on my bed like a baby. I was listening to scary conspiracy stories as I was scrolling through my facebook feed, then boom! The lights went off. I screamed my lungs out because of the shock I felt and I felt my heart beating twice as fast. I closed my eyes and calmed myself, but I couldn’t calm down because I could feel the cold wind touching every inch of my body. I tried to gather every courage I have left on my body to get up and get to the corner of my bed. As soon as I touched the cloth which feels like my blanket, I immediately pulled it to cover my whole body, but it seems like someone else is pulling it from the other side. I was scared as when the mouse sees a cat. I let go of the blanket, and used the pillow to cover my head instead. I waited for a couple of minutes which feels like forever before I remove the pillow, but as I was about to remove it, I heard a noise outside my room, that’s where I started to cry like a baby. The noise stopped, but I’m still covering my head because of great fear. I waited for a couple of minutes again before I finally removed the pillow. My eyes searched around the corners of my room. And I saw a human like figure on the far left corner of my room. I searched to death and curled up as if I was a fetus.


I cried for ages before I felt something or someone touch me. I was shocked but then felt comfort when I heard my mom’s voice, she finally got back from work. I told her what happened and she laughed because of how much of a baby I am. The power came back and it felt as if the lights were stabbing my eyes. It was very bright inside my room, or maybe I was just surprised since I came from the dark. And from there, I started laughing. The human like figure on the far left corner of my room was my abaya that is hanging on the rack, and no one was pulling the blanket on the other side, it was just stuck on the side of my bed.


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