Railroad to Christ

As a youth for Christ member, I usually go to Riyadh to attend the YFC NatCon or Youth for Christ National Conference. It is one of my most awaited events every year, since I get to know new people on that conference. I remember when we were on the station, waiting for our train, we were about 15 to 20 that time. Everyone is looking at us, as if it was their first time seeing Filipino kids gather together. It wasn’t as noisy as the train stations in the movies, infact, it wasn’t noisy at all. We had the whole train to ourselves I remember it being train D, though there are some locals walking on our train. There are even some locals who temporarily transferred to our train, and all they have was a backpack with them.There are families, but the usual riders are individuals. Unlike on buses or airplanes, the train riders only bring bags, only few bring luggage.

We were noisy on the train. The locals were a bit irritated, some even transferred to another train. When we got down the train, everything seemed the same. But as leave the station, we saw differences. It was a bit peaceful, or maybe only at night. There were less traffic and the ride was smooth sailing. I also noticed that people or locals there were more strict and conservative. Riyadh is like eastern region, but more strict. After the ride, we reached our destination. We ate dinner and had meetings regarding the YFC NatCon. After the meeting, we prepared to sleep. The next day, it was the NatCon day. Everything was fine; it was very emotional, and I could really feel God’s presence.

After Natcon, I met new friends. I was sad because it had to end, but it was worth it. We had a ride going back to the station, and back to Eastern Region. There weren’t a lost of differences, but it was different in some ways. All I could say that my Railroad to Christ was great.


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