As the Mirror

It wasn’t my first time staying at my friend’s house for more than 3 days, but it was my first time to enjoy doing chores. I usually do chores because someone, specifically my parents, ask me to do so. But surprisingly, I enjoyed cleaning my friend’s house with her. We first played a lively music, then I started to vacuum the floor and she started to dust off the other furniture’s. As the music got livelier. We started to dance and sing along with the song. We were laughing and dancing while we were cleaning the whole house. It felt like the time passed by so fast. After being crazy while cleaning the house, we finally finished after 3 or more house. We were sweating, but it was all worth it since we had fun. I walked in front of the mirror and stared at my reflection. I wondered what the mirror would think if it had the power to do so. I imagined myself as the mirror and tried to recreate the scene earlier, and there, I saw myself, she was waiting for the music to be played before cleaning. She vacuumed the floor while her butt and waist are dancing along with the beat of the music. She looked so happy even if she was sweating all over. She looks weird, swaying her body along with the music and even singing parts of the song. She looked like a mental hospital patient, but it changed, they switched the music to a slow sad song. Her real emotion showed, her fake smile disappeared and her real sadness took over.


She tried to hide it by singing along, but it could be heard while she was singing. She tried to be happy, but it was all fading and her real emotions are appearing. She used cleaning and the lively music as a form of her escape from sadness. She wanted to be happy, even just for a while. The music was set back to a lively one, and she started to act happy again. I guess I was right, it was all fake, the happiness she showed was just an act. She finally finished cleaning the house, to my surprise she stood in front of me while she was sweating, I wonder what’s going through her mind, could she read what’s going on through my mind? She’s smiling, but it looks fake. I wonder what it feels to be like a human, to be able to walk around.


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