A Form of Escape

For others, fiction is just a story that is made up. Well for me, it is something deeper than that. Writers do nor just write fiction for nothing, it is not just because they wanted the people to read something from them. They do not write fiction just because it is their profession or passioon. I, for example, o not write stories just because I wanted to, the stories I write are usually fictional, and the stories I write are usually the life I wanted to have. I write it in a much creative and realistic way to the point that even the readers could feel the emotions my characters are feeling. That is one art of fiction, it may or may not have happened, but because it was written so creatively, the readers can feel the true haappiness, fear, or paain the character is experiencing. Another art of fiction is that it doesn’t matter if it is realistic or not, you are free to write anything you want, it is fiction, and fiction isn’t real. You could write your own thoughts and turn it into something more creative. You can create a character that resembles you, and turn it into something similar, but also different in terms of appearance. You are in control of what you’re writing. Fiction could be one escape from reality, and sometimes, that’s all we want, to escape reality even just for a bit.

And just like other genres, fiction has subgenres, too. It is for the writers and readers to appreciate the genres even more. Every genre is beautiful in its own unique ways, and we might appreciate it even more if we’re aware of what genre or subgenre it’s in. It is also important for us to know the genres or subgenres so that we know what to read in the mood we’re in, if we have no clue on what is the genre of the book we’re reading, we might not feel or understand the feelings of the characters or real moral of it. We might be happy and read a tragic story, we cannot feel the same pain the character is feeling since it is contraticting with our real emotion.

Escape, just like what I mentioned in the first paragraph, sometimes, escape from reality is all we need. Reality could be cruel at some point, it can be tragic and painful, and having a break from reality wouldn’t hurt. And sometimes, not only the readers want to escape from reality, and writing is their form of escape. Fiction is creative; it is beautiful. In a world that gives you sadness, pain, and tragedy, a little bit of creativity, even just a made up one, wouldn’t hurt. So yes, I think that fiction is relevant to our society not just today, but also to the incoming years.


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