“I am always here for you.” That’s what she usually tells me. No matter what happens, she makes sure that I feel that she’s beside me supporting my every move. For almost 18 years, she took care of me, made sure that I’m healthy and not hurt. I would rather lose everything in the world and have only her in my life, than lose her and have everything in the world. She’s very understanding, no matter how hard the situation is, she tries her best to understand me. She’s a person full of efforts, she makes sure that she put efforts in everything she does, and everything she gives. She cares for everyone, even to those who she doesn’t know. She makes sure that everyone around her is fine and comfortable. And if you hadn’t figured it out yet, she’s a very loving person. No wonder almost everyone around her appreciates her.


She was my very first kiss, and I do not regret giving her my first kiss. Out of billions of people in the world, only she deserves to have my first kiss. I feel comfortable whenever she’s around me, so comfortable to the point that I sometimes sleep with her. Whenever she needs me, I’m just a call away, just like whenever I need her. She was born on November 28, 1960 in the Philippines. And her greatest achievement was on October 23, 1999, when she gave birth to a beautiful angel, me. She carried me for 9 months, and took care of me for almost 18 years now. How could I not look up to my mom, Marissa Reyes? She who would give up everything just for her daughter to have everything, she who would work non-stop just for her daughter to have everything good in life, she who would love her daughter so much that she almost got no love for herself, she who is a great mother. Who wouldn’t look up to someone like her?













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