Don’t you love hearing the rain when it hits the ground? Don’t you love seeing it flow down the glass window? Don’t you love smelling the salty but fresh aroma of the rain? Don’t you love feeling the rain on your skin Every time it’s raining, I always remember tears, sadness, and heartbreaks. But something about the rain comforts me, no matter how sad the significance of the rain is to me, something about it calms me down as if it’s hugging me. I love the rain because it feels like it’s joining me every time I’m crying or when I feel broken. I love crying in the rain because no one notices my tears, no once can see my eyes watering. I remember the last time it rained hard, it is also the last time I cried hard, too. Every time I cry in the rain, I feel comfort. I remember breaking down that rainy night, I cried my heart out. It felt like I haven’t cried for ages, I was so broken. I was so depressed. Every time I see or hear rain, I could already imagine myself crying or feeling lonely. Every time I see rain, I want to cry, I start to remember my problems. It’s like I could only cry my all when it’s raining. I love rain, it is the only time I could let it all out. For me, rain symbolizes agony. pain, heartbreak, tears. But at the same time, it also symbolizes sympathy and comfort.


The last time I cried in the rain was when he left me, and it tore me into pieces. I lost the majority of my strength, it’s as if my energy got drained. Minutes later, as I was crying, I heard little drops of rain from our roof, moments later, those little drops became loud drops, and from there, I decided to go out and let the rain surround me. I am not a fan of rain back then, but as I grew up, I slowly by slowly realize how beautiful the rain is. While I was inside that heavy rain, I couldn’t stop myself from crying even more, but it felt good. I felt my knees weaken, and the next thing I know, I broke down to the wet floor. I cried for God knows how long, then I felt arms hugging me, I looked back to see my mother hugging me, and that’s where she told me those magical words “I’m always here for you.” She helped me stand up and brought me inside the house. I’ve never felt that good when crying, but thanks to the rain, I felt comfort.


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