His Angel

I have an older brother, he is tall, he has a good taste in fashion, he is also handsome, and a lot of girls has a crush on him. Who wouldn’t? He has a great smile, he’s fun to be with and sporty. He’s a good singer and a great dancer, and his hazel brown eyes melts any girl he’d stare at. But there’s a little problem. He prefers to be called “Ate” than “Kuya”. We barely see each other , but when we do, we make sure that we spend our time wisely. I remember the last time I went to the Philippines for a vacation, we were like each other’s shadow, and the good thing is, we barely fight. The longest fight we had only lasted for no more than 3 days, and it was because we had a crush on the same guy. We usually go to unique places. Places that are not easy to go to, places where we must fist climb, swim, or go  through a cave before we actually reach our destination. Our closeness made us do things we’re not proud of, and some even became a habit or one way of bonding. We climb walls to go to other places, we climb our house gate almost every night to sneak out, help each other climb roofs to watch the stars, run with our fingers intertwined, and a lot of silly things. It came to the point where our parents had to lock us up on different rooms, but of course, we still find our way to be with each other. We are basically soul-sisters. In the morning, he hides in the closet, of course not literally. But when the night strikes, his long hair, heavy make-up, sexy outfits, and sometimes heels, will strike, too. Take note, those are my things.

Not everyone accepts him, and that includes my father. He had to sneak out to prevent him from being seen by my eagle-eyed father. After our way of fun and bonding, my most unwanted day arrived. I’ll fly again and have a distance from him. I haven’t entered my wide, yet I’m already planning my to-do-list once I come back. Months had passed, and my mom told me a shocking news. I asked my “Ate” if it was true, and he confirmed it by telling me that he prefers to be called “Kuya” now. Many had tried to change him, but failed. Who would’ve thought that only an angel from above could change him from “Ate” back to “Kuya” Again? I can’t wait to see him again, carrying his little angel who will soon call him “Papa.”





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